McMaster Rolling Seminar: La Vie Vélo

The McMaster Rolling Seminar: La Vie Vélo is sponsored by the Petro-Canada Young Innovator Award. The series complements a new teaching and research direction in the environmental history of the bicycle, but it is also designed to provide undergraduate students at McMaster University with the opportunity to engage more practically with questions pertaining to bicycles in our contemporary transportation infrastructure. This year-long series brings a variety of people to campus to talk about bicycles and different aspects of bicycling culture. The series is open to the public and everyone is welcome to attend.

Image below, but here’s a pdf version in higher resolution: Fall Poster



3 thoughts on “McMaster Rolling Seminar: La Vie Vélo

  1. Great work in pulling together this series of events. Any chance it could be web-cast? It doesn’t have to be high-end, something as simple as “Veetle” iphone app could allow many to benefit.

    1. Thanks for asking. As a matter of fact, the events were filmed, and a couple of them have already appeared on the university’s YouTube page. I’ve been meaning to link to that for some time, and will have to add them later this week. Thank you for reminding me.

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