History for a Sustainable Future

I’ve been grumbling under my breath instead of typing on a number of topics, recently. Or typing, but in book manuscripts rather than this blog. I should get back to writing/thinking here. But a sort of placeholder in the short term.

Along with Benjamin Cohen, Adam Sowards, and Peter Alagona, I edit a book series at MIT Press under the title “History for a Sustainable Future.” The fourth book in the series will be published in April. We aim to stress the importance of historical context when addressing current environmental problems. From our series statement:

The series takes as its primary mission the dissemination of accessible historical information and resources for scholars and teachers, policy makers, activists, and concerned citizens.  The driving theme behind this series involves making environmental history more relevant to 21st century concerns about the environment.

More to the point, we are still soliciting manuscripts. Please feel free to contact any one of us (or our partner in crime at MIT Press, Beth Clevenger) to discuss projects that you think might fit the series. Our proposal summary and guidelines are listed at the top of this page under the hamburger menu, but I also link to them here.

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