The Bike in the City: A History of the Current Conflict Over Urban Cycling

Come one, come all. On Thursday, Dr. James Longhurst (University of Wisconsin—La Crosse) will visit McMaster University to present on his current research, which deals with the legal and political history of the bicycle in the urban landscape. His talk—at 14:30 in TSH/719—takes us back to an earlier age, where the League of American Wheelmen and other cycling organizations sought to have cycling and cyclists recognized as a part of a leisure and transportation infrastructure. Bygone times? A part of Longhurst’s work involves examining the extent to which the past might help to inform contemporary questions and debates over the bicycle’s place in the 21st-century city. Everyone is welcome to attend what should be a very interesting talk.Longhurst PosterIn addition, Longhurst will be at Café Domestique on Thursday evening (19:00) for a less informal chat about bicycles, history, and bike politics [Edit: I received an e-mail the day after this post went up from James Longhurst, asking how he was supposed to be less informal after giving a formal talk—be sure to come out and find out!].

Longhurst Poster II

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