On Doping: Last Thoughts on Sport, Play, and the Difference Between Them

When not historicalizing, I spend a lot of my leisure time riding my bicycle. Over the course of this year, I’ve managed to tie professional and recreational endeavours under the banner of the McMaster Rolling Seminar: La Vie Vélo. Ostensibly, it means I’ve allowed my recreational interests to creep into work time, and occasionally justify cycling as “research.”

It also means I have spent a fair amount of time thinking and writing about cycling, which has its own pleasures and challenges. While this is not a research piece or part of the research component of my bikes project, I wrote a short piece on the recent events in professional cycling stemming from the USADA’s investigation into doping. I submit it here in case anyone should be interested in reading it. It ties doping, cycling, play, and my previous life as a soccer player into some kind of reflection on the current state of sport. Comments here or on the velonista site most welcome.


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