The History of Now

I’ve been tinkering with a short history of sustainability for the past couple of years, and hope to finally have a clean draft of the manuscript complete by the end of the calendar year. Last winter, I was invited to participate at McMaster’s TEDx Talks, and gave the following presentation.

Apart from reading too much for a TED Talk, I think the presentation outlines the parameters of the short book as I see it right now. The manuscript will consist of three chapters—on the history of sustainable practice, on the history of sustainable theories (mainly economic), and on the history of sustainable development, which will focus on the recent international politics surrounding environmental decision-making.

The title is an important one to me. “The History of Now” suggests the importance of past actions and historical context for contemporary issues and opens avenues of inquiry into the changing immutable past (all of which I hope to play with in the introduction and the conclusion). The finished manuscript is earmarked for the MIT Press series I edit, History for a Sustainable Future.

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