Introduction: New #envhist & #histsci Blog

A new blog to share bits and pieces of my teaching and research.

I am an associate professor in the Department of History at McMaster University, where I specialize in the histories of science, technology, environment, and the future. This blog constitutes an exercise in trying to connect my teaching and research more closely. Posts will range from updates on research questions and directions to talks and presentations to teaching notes and excerpts. Much of it, I fear, will be of limited interest to everybody but me, but useful for trying to articulate thoughts and ideas before they disappear. I encourage and welcome responses and inquiries from all and sundry. Read, comment, and share, but please be sure to attribute credit when citing any content, and do not change it for commercial purposes.

Last month, I was asked to prepare a brief overview of my work and how the histories of science, technology, and the environment might alter our perspectives of twentieth-century global history. This was for a first-year course we offer in our program and posted free to iTunes. I thought it might serve as a decent (and generic) introduction to what I do (or pretend to do).

Thanks to Colin Czerneda in the Mac Humanities Computing Lab for his filming and editing.

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